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A little more Magic Palace

Last year, we launched the Screening Room, a free online searchable video index of magic performances. Front and centre in the Screening Room was the Canadian televison series, The Magic Palace. The series was hosted by Canadian Illusionist Dale Harney in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Unfortunately, the original tapes were lost, and the footage only survived in private collections, thanks to magic enthusiasts making use of the earliest home VHS machines. 

Through the collections of Allan Slaight, David Sutherland, Gerry Freneette and Larry Thornton, we were able to construct the bulk of the series. Thanks to The Evasons who generously shared part of their collection, we now have another fraction. This brings the total to 254 individual performances archived in the Screening Room; over thirty hours' worth of magic to enjoy. 

You can see the latest additions:

Dale Harney - Vanishing Birdcage

Gene Marvin - 21st Century Mind

Dale Harney - Dice Stacking


The Screening Room, is an expanding archive with more material being added regularly. Check back to see the latest deveopments. 


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