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Magic Collectors Weekend 2017

Save the dates ... It'll be a knockout!

This is a preliminary announcement that we plan on staging the Magic Collectors Weekend May 25 to 27, 2017 in Montreal, Canada.

This will coincide with the opening of the major exhibition of magic posters from the Allan Slaight Collection at the McCord Museum. The exhibition, for which David Ben is the guest curator, will open that very weekend.

In addition to private tours of the exhibition, we will be working with the McCord on some additional programming and events - including some behind the scene access to elements related to the  exhibition. Given Houdini's connection to Montreal - and, in fact, the McCord - there will certainly also be some Houdini on the bill.

We are currently finalizing the location of the hotel, to ensure that it is within short walking distance to the McCord, and has competitive room rates. We should point out that the Canadian dollar is close to a historic low to the US dollar. A rough guide is that the US dollar is worth 30% more than the Canadian dollar. So this should be a bargain for visitors from the US. (Montreal is within driving distance from Boston and New York, and Montreal also has a major international airport with frequent flights from Europe.)

Montreal is, of course, an amazing city. (It will also be celebrating its 375th anniversary that year, with lots of events in store.) It is the perfect city to bring your spouse or partner to the conference as there is so much to do in Montreal, and we will be located in the heart of the city. We will also ensure that there is time to enjoy the world-class cuisine that the city has to offer.

We plan on having the dealers there, and are investigating the best way to assist them in  transporting their wares across the border. We will provide that  information when it becomes available.

Finally, unlike previous Magic Collectors Weekends that could accommodate a large number of delegates, we may be restricted logistically to approximately 150 attendees.  Again, we will let everyone know.

The main thing for now is to simply save the dates.

MORE about the Allan Slaight Collection at the McCord

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