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Allan Slaight Relief Fund for Professional Magicians


And just like that, the Canadian magic industry has vanished.

In response to difficult and devastating times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly for magicians who work in the gig economy, the Slaight Family Foundation has pledged to help.

The Foundation recognizes the strain of monthly bills mounting with no work in the immediate future, quite possibly for several months. To contribute during these trying times, the Foundation has established the Allan Slaight Relief Fund of $150,000 to help defray cost-of-living expenses incurred by professional Canadian magicians. The Slaight Family Foundation has partnered with Magicana to administer the payment of funds to applicants who meet eligibility.

The relief fund was initiated to help with monthly costs, such as telephone, utility and grocery bills, up to a maximum of $500 per application. Because of the uncertainty of how long we must maintain strict social distancing, applicants can reapply for assistance thirty days after receiving a prior payment, until the fund is depleted. If you wish to contribute to the relief fund, you can donate here.

An Update | June 24, 2020

Since March 27, 2020, the Allan Slaight Relief Fund has given away nearly $150,000 to professional Canadian magicians. The remaining funds are reserved for those who have not yet made a third payment application. Unfortunately, this also means that the fund is now winding down for the majority of applicants. We are only processing applications for those who have received fewer than three payments. 

Should the status of the relief program change going forward, we will immediately notify past applicants by email.

Another Update | August 7, 2020

This program has now concluded; and we are no longer accepting applications for the relief fund. 

If you are a successful past applicant, and have not received three payments, contact info@magicana.com to inquire about the status of your eligibility. 


The Allan Slaight Relief Fund for Professional Magicians is made possible thanks to the generosity of the Slaight Family Foundation.