There have been three “annotated” editions of The Expert at the Card Table. Mike Caveney published Dai Vernon’s Revelations, his long-awaited annotated edition, in 1984. It exists in three variants, including a Spanish paperback edition.

In 1991, Darwin Ortiz released The Annotated Erdnase also published by Mike Caveney (this time in association with Bill Taylor).

In 2007, Jon Racherbaumer complied and edited Marlo on Erdnase, Annotation and Marginalia on Expert at the Card Table, which was published by Geno Munari (Houdini Magic). As the book’s title indicates, this publication is a compilation of published and unpublished material by Ed Marlo on The Expert at the Card Table. It includes Marlo’s notes on Vernon’s Revelations.

In 2008 David Ben edited and Michael Albright designed a new version of Vernon’s annotation, using the Professor’s original title of Revelation. This new—and absolutely beautiful—edition was published by…. who else?... Mike Caveney. Revelation exists in four variants.


Annotated variants of ERDNASE



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