So just how many are there?

We have started a list of how many First Editions of The Expert at the Card Table are in existence.


1   Calgary (Canada)
3   Toronto (Canada)
3   San Francisco/Bay Area (USA)
4   Mountain View (USA)
4   Los Angeles (USA)
7   New York (USA)
10 Las Vegas (USA)
1   Oklahoma (USA)
1   Raleigh (USA)
1  Tampa (USA)
1  Texas (USA)
1  Alabama (USA)
1   Whalley, Lancashire, England (UK)
1   London, England (UK)
1   Dunfermline, Scotland (UK)
1   Jersey, Channel Islands (UK)


Have one? Please tell us!

We believe there are several more out there so please, join our First Edition hunt and add to the list. 

If you own a first-edition copy, please email us with the number of first-edition copies you own, and what city you reside in. We will include only the number and city of where First Editions currently reside. All information submitted is held in strict confidence. We are only interested in the running count.

We respect your privacy and reiterate: will not include your name, only the city you provide will be published. We do not sell, publish or exchange private information with any third-parties and you will not be solicited by Magicana with your registration.