Graham Adams


On January 30, 1931, English conjuror Graham Adams presented “’Mr. S.W. Erdnase. ‘His Book’ A Lecture to the ‘Magic Circle’” where Adams outlined the content and his commentary on The Expert at the Card Table and its author, S. W. Erdnase (whom he identifies as E.S. Andrews) to The Magic Circle.

Adams also demonstrated “The Plaque System,” a system he developed and that he believed helped build the correct skill and dexterity required for advance card work. Adams stated that plaques are merely pieces of hard wood, varying in thickness, that simulate different “blocks” of cards one encounters in practicing blind cuts and other sleights.

The lecture proved memorable and a year later, on February 27, 1932, Mr. Adams presented one of six of his hardcover, hand-bound lecture notes which included tipped-in photos by Fred C. Hodson to The Magic Circle for auction.

We thank the Conjuring Arts Research Center, Mr. William Kalush and
Mr. Carlo Ramirez for providing us with a glimpse of this rare book.


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