The Miracle Factory


In 2008, The Miracle Factory released a unique version of The Expert at the Card Table – an over forty-foot long ivory, parchment paper scroll, aptly called, The Erdnase Scroll.

The limited-edition of only 50 copies also boasts hand-tinted frontispiece in watercolor and India ink, adorned with maple-toned wood ornaments, tied with a suede cord, encased in an evergreen embroidered velour pouch with gold cord and tassels. The entire text is in a beautiful handwritten calligraphy font and is remains readable as a learning tool.

It contains the complete text of the famous volume including illustrations by Marshall D. Smith. It also includes Todd Karr’s extensive research on Erdnase’s identity (Is This Erdnase?), with over two dozen articles and documents, many previously unpublished.


american variants of ERDNASE

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