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Bored Magician 11.13.15

Infographic of Famous Illusions

Sebastien Ocana

French graphic artist Sébastien Ocana created a never ending infographic describing famous illusions through the history of magic — tigers, elephants, levitations, sawings, escapes and more. Click through and keep scrolling. 

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Stranded in Venezuela

Brett Daniels, co-creator of The Illusionistsafter legal disputes over royalties and copyright, found himself nearly stranded in Venezuela while the show was on the road. 

The Hollywood Reporter,  Eriq Gardner | Photo: Boneau Bryan Brown

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Kyle Wallace Impales His Hand

Fifty-five year old Kyle Wallace accidentally smashed his hand down on the wrong paper bag. 

Mirror Online | John Shammas

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Bored Magician

Are you a bored magician? Visit some of our online exhibitions, including over thirty hours of magic performances from The Magic Palace.

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