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Fall Magic Auction

Mark your Calendars! 

Haversat & Ewing Galleries is hosting a magic auction October 16-17, 2015.

Over 220 choice lots cosigned by 20 of the nation's leading collectors including items from the late Ed Hill and Walter Gydesen!

  • 28 Houdini-related lots
  • 11 Blackstone Sr. lots
  • Other items from Anderson, Wyman, Thurston, Okito, Thayer, LeRoy, etc
  • Maskelyn & Cooke full-color lithograph
  • Houdini in Amsterdam Prison lithograph, 1902
  • The Jewel House of Art and Nature, 1653
  • Conjuror's Magazine 1791-92
  • Rational Recreations, 1794
  • The Key of Knowledge or Universal Conjuror, 1796
  • The Life, Adventures and Unparalled Suffereings of Andrew Oehler, 1811

Judging from these few teasers, you will definitely want to save the date for the Auction Preview starting Sept 27. Good luck!

Order an auction catalog here.

Auction preview available online starting Sept 27.

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