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Going to Camp in October

The amazing and awesome folks at Camp Oochigaes invited Magicana to, once again, present a Day of Magic Workshop for the Urban Camps at Ooch.

Bright and early this past weekend, Camp volunteers (affectionately referred to as Magic Coaches) and magicians met up at the downtown location of Ooch to prepare for the anticipated arrival of magic enthusiasts. Families were invited to bring their children (between the ages of 8 and 15) to experience a special day camp where the Campers learned a series of magic tricks using ropes, cards and magic props... and, where kids can just be kids.

Thanks to magicians, James Alan, Julie Eng and Chris Mayhew, the children were lead through ten mini magic lessons throughout the day. Based on the My Magic Hands program, our magic course relies heavily on volunteer participation in order to support the children as they go through the learning process. The Campers were very fortunate as Ooch brought in enough volunteers to give the Campers a one-to-one coaching experience. The result is, of course, magic! We broke out in to small groups to maximize the learning experience and Ooch even created wonderful House Banners for each group!

While we started the day with some wand making, we got right down to it learning magic with cards, ropes, little spongy balls and other assorted and unusual props. At the lunch hour, we were treated to a magic show by James and Chris. Finally, the big moment came when we invited families to come and gather round and the Campers staged and presented their very own magic show. Julie closed the day with another magic show, and the graduation ceremony. It was a magnificent day and we were very proud of all Campers.

The best part? Magicians got to take home their Bag of Secrets - courtesy of The Slaight Family Foundation - so that the magic can continue in their magic hands.

Thank you Camp Ooch for all the magic you do and for giving us the chance to share wonder.

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