MORE McIlhany Magic - Auction #3 on April 7, 8

March 20, 2018

Saturday, April 7 at 1 p.m. Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern), and Sunday April 8 at 9 a.m. Pacific (Noon Eastern)

On April 7 and 8, Auction Results, in conjunction with Owen Magic Supreme, will conduct the third auction of the exquisite magic collection of William H. McIlhany (1951-2017). Absentee and Internet bidding is available.

Full-color auction catalogs are available for download.

Bill McIlhany was the consummate collector of all things magical and was considered one of the most knowledgeable magic collectors in the world. His mind-boggling collection ranged from rare pieces of early 19th- and 20th-century masters to spectacular quality modern-day apparatus.

His fine collection, which includes apparatus, automatons, lithographs, books, periodicals, catalogs so much more will be offered at auction.

Auction #3 will be a two-day event and will include treasures from: Conradi, Bland, Thayer, Willmann, Klingl, Okito, Bartl, Hamley, Owen Magic Supreme, Carl Williams, Gaughan, Grant, Himber, Ruediger Deutsch, Eric Lewis, Anverdi, Abbott and so much more.

One of the prized items is the Saturday session is Card and Watch Frame from Bartl. Circa 1924. A pocket watch is vanished – using any method.  Next a playing card is selected and torn into four pieces.  Three of the pieces are vanished and the spectator retains the fourth piece.  Attention is called to a small nickeled frame atop an isolated stand. At the magician’s command, the selected card reappears in the frame piece by piece, except for the missing corner. Then, the card magically flies to the top of the frame and the vanished watch reappears where the card used to be.  It can be shown that the torn corner matches the rest of the card.  A mechanical marvel. Intricately made. Scarce. Condition: Very good.

Also of great interest is an Appearing Lit Lamp. European. Circa 1925. Beautifully carved table is on stage along with a large foulard (not included.) From the empty cloth, a lit electric lamp appears on the tabletop. Original vintage lamp with ornate beaded lampshade. 120v. AC power required. Condition: Very good overall. Cloth lamp body should be reattached at top. A minor repair. Extremely rare.

And on Day Two, there is one of Himber’s rarest offerings -  Richard Himber’s Barrel Trick. Circa 1960. Two nested blue metal tubes are shown empty. Reaching inside, a huge production of silks and other items is made, followed by a large stainless steel keg. As a kicker, a second keg, also filling the tubes, is produced. It is then shown that the kegs are too large to fit back inside of the tubes! Himber’s devious version of the classic “Kuma Tubes.” A remarkably made precision set of apparatus. Complete with original instructions. Extremely rare. Condition: Excellent.

Another piece attracting attention is John Gaughan’s Shower of Gold.  This is a spectacular recreation of the classic effect. An empty glass vase with lid is shown empty and covered with cloth. The vase then becomes filled with coins. Incredible workmanship by master craftsman John Gaughan. Sold for over $18,000 new. Includes fitted ATA travel case. Condition: Excellent.

For more information, contact The Magic Auctioneer.

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