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Signed, Sealed and (almost) Delivered

The Magic of Johnny Thompson, written by Jamy Ian Swiss and Johnny Thompson,—the epic 663-page, two-volume slipcased set weighing over nine pounds, featuring seventy-eight routines with nearly 1,100 images, drawn from a lifetime of magic—is finally bound and sealed … and now signed.

That’s right.

Johnny Thompson is not only a living legend, a master magician, and a brilliant magic consultant, but he is also a man of greatness. At our suggestion to make each set special, he has agreed to sign every single copy. Every. Single. One.

And, each copy of The Magic of Johnny Thompson sold will have not one but two original signatures: one by Johnny Thompson and one by The Great Tomsoni!

Only a master magician—only Johnny Thompson—could make something magical like that happen. And he did.

Books are now in transit to our distribution centers and shipping will commence soon.

You don’t have a copy on order? Really? Fix that now:


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