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Card table with mirror

It has been quite a journey, not just creating a new work for the stage, but also writing about it in blogs and social media.

Submitted Wed, 06/11/2014
A pre-show meeting for Card Table Artifice

The stage version is an elegant three-ring circus. In the center ring you have Gavin Bryars and the Art of Time Ensemble performing Gavin’s marvelous score.

Submitted Wed, 06/11/2014
Card Table Artifice Cut Outs

Bryar’s music is hypnotic, and Muñoz’ parsing of the text, the sound of his voice and the timing of his delivery are inspiring.

Submitted Mon, 06/09/2014

The magic series has become more adventuresome with Jorn Weisbrodt as the Artistic Director of the Festival. Jorn loves magic, and gets not only what it is but also, more importantly, what it could be.

Submitted Thu, 06/05/2014

The Expert at the Card Table may have been published privately by the author in 1902 and distributed primarily in the United States but its reach is truly global.

Submitted Thu, 06/05/2014
Dai Vernon Revelation

For me, Erdnase has been a constant companion, and each reading triggers some new insight.

Submitted Tue, 06/03/2014
Playing Cards

Erdnase wrote, “Our education then progressed through close application and constant study of the game.”

So did mine.

Submitted Mon, 06/02/2014

My interpretation of an Erdnasian passage.

Submitted Fri, 05/30/2014

(Need video sequence from http://www.magicana.com/cta-an-erdnasian-allusion/)

My interpretation of an Erdnasian passage.

Submitted Fri, 05/30/2014

It would be Ross who educated me about Erdnase, the system and the musicality of magic.

Submitted Tue, 05/27/2014


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