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Gambling Expose

René Lavand Old Man River

"Old Man River" is a story of gamblers and cheaters on a Mississipi river boat illustrated with a deck of cards. René Lavand is an Argentinian magician who lost his right arm at an early age in an accident.

Chantatachán was a program produced for Telemadrid in 1992-93. We would like to thank Juan Tamariz and Luis Piedrahita for making this content available.

Dai Vernon The Spirit of Magic

This documentary was produced to explore the life and magic of Dai Vernon (David Frederick Wingfield Verner, 1894-1992), the most influential magician of the twentieth century—possibly of all time.

Directed by Daniel Zuckerbrot

Narrated by Patrick Watson.

Featuring interviews and performances by (in order of appearance) Max Maven, Derek Verner, Jackie Flosso, Herb Zarrow, David Ben, Edward Verner, Ricky Jay, John Carney, Persi Diaconis, Steeve Freeman. 

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