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Tips For Applying


This page gives you an overview of the application process, and helps to prepare you when completing the Allan Slaight Relief Fund Application form.

1. Eligibility

First, establish if you are eligible. 

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, living in Canada, working as a full-time professional in magic with at least three years of experience, you are eligible for funding assistance. 

We understand that many magicians are semi-professionals. We would, however, ask that applications at this time be reserved for those who rely on magic as their sole source of income. 

2. Worksheet

We recommend that you DOWNLOAD this Worksheet. It is a summary of expenses, and it was designed to make the application process easier. If you are having problems accessing or using the Worksheet, don’t worry, there is an Expense Summary box in the online form, where you can fill in categories and subtotals manually. 

The Worksheet lists a few examples of expense categories that the fund will cover. The next section outlines them in more detail.


We recognize the importance of staying connected and in communication, especially now. The fund is here to help.

One of the largest monthly expenses next to rent is most likely telecommunications. Apply to the fund to help pay for it! Find your phone, mobile and Internet bills. Perhaps you can download them from your provider. Add them up, and we wager they will already be close to the $500 cap. Even better, if you have a bundled program with a provider such as Bell, Shaw or Rogers, look for the summary page of the consolidated total. You will need this page to submit during the application process.

What about your utility bills? Download, scan or take a photo of the summary page of your hydro, water or gas bill, and have it ready for submitting.

If you have other expenses, group them into categories like grocery or travel (gas, taxi, Uber, monthly transit pass). Collect thirty days’ worth of receipts, lay them on the kitchen table like a puzzle or collage, and snap a smartphone photo. Please make sure that the image files are large enough to read, and are clear and legible.

These are examples of suggested types of expenses to submit. If you are still unsure, send us an email (info@magicana.com) and we will do our best to help clarify. 

Filling out the Worksheet

The downloaded Worksheet is an interactive PDF form that you should be able to fill out on your computer. If you are having problems with it, print the form, and fill it out by hand.

To complete the Worksheet, start by grouping receipts starting as of March 1, 2020, into categories. 

Next, fill out each category with the vendor name (e.g. Sobey’s), or a quick description (e.g. Monthly Transit Pass) and then fill in the amount. Calculate subtotals for each category, and all the subtotals will give the Total Amount Requested. 

After the Worksheet is filled out, SAVE it on your computer, and make note of where you saved it. Most people, for example, Save to Desktop. You need to know where it is, because later in the application process you will be asked to upload it. If you printed it out, then scan the form, or take a smartphone photo, and have ready to upload.

Please try and use the Worksheet because it is helpful for us, too. It gives us a completed summary and helps us to process your application faster. 

3. Apply Online

The next step is to fill out the online portion of the application form. Here are some tips about this part of the process.

The online portion has four sections:

a. About You

Please fill out all the fields, as it establishes your eligibility to apply for payment form the fund.

b. Work Experience

Please confirm that you are a full-time, working magician and that you rely on magic as your sole source of income.

Please give us a brief overview of you and your work as a professional in magic. When filling out this area, please be brief, but be sure to establish that you are currently a full-time working professional. You can demonstrate this through examples, such as providing a list of recent engagements. You can also include a short description of the kind of work that you typically do, along with an example of the type of venue and audience you would normally perform for.

We will review this information, along with your website and/or social media profile to establish you as a full-time, working professional. 

C. Submit Worksheet

By downloading and completing the Worksheet ahead of time, you just need to upload the form at this point.

If you are having trouble submitting or uploading the Worksheet, then use the categories and totals you calculated, and fill out the Expense Summary box on the online form.   

D. Submit Receipts

Almost there.

You just need to upload the receipts that match the ones on your Worksheet. 

When possible, please consolidate receipts, such as grouping bills together, and take one image photo/scan, or create one PDF. Please make sure that the image files are clear and legible. If you don’t see a clear image, we don’t see a clear image either!

Note that EACH file upload is restricted to 5MB or less; and you can upload up to five receipt files. Allowed file types for upload are: .gif .jpg .jpeg .png .pdf .zip.

We really want to make this as easy and simple as possible for you. Thank you for taking the time to read through these tips. We hope they help!


If you have read through these tips, but still have some questions or require assistance, please send us an email: info@magicana.com.

Please note that we can only accept requests for assistance with applications for the Allan Slaight Relief Fund by email.




The Slaight Family Foundation has established the Allan Slaight Relief Fund, of $150,000, in response to the dramatic loss of work due to COVID-19.

Eligible Canadian magicians can APPLY for payment, up to $500 per application, to cover expenses such as grocery, utility, telephone, and Internet costs. 

Magicians can REAPPLY for additional assistance on a monthly basis, until the fund is depleted.

Questions, and request for assistance, can be directed to info@magicana.com.

The Allan Slaight Relief Fund for Professional Magicians is made possible thanks to the generosity of