Conferences & Workshops

We stage conferences, workshops and seminars for those experienced in the craft, and for those who are just beginning. We work with magicians, magic enthusiasts and magic historians worldwide who document and discuss this venerable art.

In addition to 31 Faces North, Magicana hosts a variety of other conferences and workshops. For example, we have staged and produced the Magic Collectors Weekend (MCW) in Chicago in 2010, 2011, 2012; and then in 2017 in Montreal. These gatherings focused strongly on magic’s history and on magic collecting. Our past events have enjoyed a great range of speakers, performers and other contributors at these informative and social events.

And, just as we highlight special interests in magic’s history and performance, we have also organized and host magic Lectures and Workshops for magicians, magic enthusiasts and magic students from the My Magic Hands program. The range of experience and contributions from our guest lecturers and workshop leaders has given our audience quite a roster to choose from.

Interested in a magic lecture or workshop?

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