Magicana is proud to present the definitive collection of five hundred articles of “A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities” written by renowned historian Dr. Edwin A. Dawes. The articles were originally published as a monthly serial for The Magic Circular, the official magazine of The Magic Circle in London, between 1972 and 2020. This limited edition set that we are releasing is called The Rich Cabinet Collection, comprising eight volumes, and a detailed index.

Dr. Dawes has dutifully revisited each of the five hundred articles, updating and expanding where possible, making this a truly rich and comprehensive collection of essays on magic history. It is a monumental achievement by the legendary Dr. Dawes and we are thrilled to present his work in this colourful, bound and comprehensive form.

This is a LIMITED EDITION of 250 sets

 * Books will not be available separately *

Each of the eight volumes will be hardbound with a dust jacket, made up of approximately four hundred pages per book, with a final trim size of 9 x 11.5 inches (23 x 29 cm), weighing about 5 lbs. (2.27 kg) each. The index will be a slimmer, lighter book, of the same trim size. The images shown are artist renderings. Actual product may look slightly different.

In order to manage such a large product, we are printing and releasing the books in pairs. Orders will be shipped in four mailings, spread over a two year span—starting in July 2022. The index will be included in the fourth and final mailing.

Collect, Collate, Communicate

Indeed, this is an investment in knowledge, research and history.

Dr. Dawes has spent half a century collecting this information, refining it, giving us one of the most unique collections of magic history on record. It is his devotion and his long-standing commitment to sharing his knowledge that greatly enriches us. Magicana is equally committed to supporting Dr. Dawes’ “Three Cs” mantra: Collect, Collate, Communicate. His steadfast belief in collaboration and in circulating discoveries in a responsible and global way, is, in fact, sharing wonder.

We are very proud to make this unique set both available and as affordable as possible by reducing the price to recover only the cost of printing and shipping. 


The Rich Cabinet Collection is truly a one-of-a-kind, encyclopedic collection of magic history, covering an immense variety of topics. It’s one of magic history’s greatest collections, written by one of its greatest authorities. This is a rare opportunity to own such an astounding anthology of magic history. 

Regular Price

The set of nine books, postage paid:

USA & Canada     $1,300 USD
International        $1,600 USD

* Orders may be subject to duty and taxes, which the buyer will be responsible for.

Pre-publication Price

For a limited time, we are offering a special pre-publication price:

USA & Canada    $1,100 USD ($200 Savings!)
International       $1,350 USD ($250 Savings!)

Regular pricing commences August 1, 2022.

Payment Plan

We realize this is a large investment, but one that your library must have! So, to help ease the cost of this bookshelf-squeezing collection, we are also offering a payment plan of four installments spread over two years. The payment plan includes a one-time administration fee of $75 USD to cover credit card and collection fees.


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There are only 250 sets available! And once they sell, that’s it!

Until August 1, 2022, you can take advantage of our pre-publication price, too.

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In concert with the generosity of the Slaight Family Foundation, The Rich Cabinet Collection is made possible through the added support of the Pat & P. Howard Lyons Estate Fund.