A Tribute to Vernon


Created in collaboration with artist Dan Frederickson, this is a unique version of Erdnase. It is an uncut sheet, measuring 22 x 26.5”, featuring Ross Bertram’s photo of Vernon, reimagined through the text of The Expert at The Card Table. On the reverse are playing cards, one through fifty-two, on a reproduction of the Bee® brand deck Erdnase would have used at the turn of the century.

Each uncut sheet is paired with a signed and numbered certificate in the form of a deck of cards. Additionally included are a museum-grade placard, letter pressed and fit for a gallery, and a playing card featuring a facsimile of Vernon’s signature and his age old mantra: “be natural.” (Signed and numbered edition of 500.) Produced by Dan and Dave Industries in collaboration with Dan Frederickson.


MODERN variants of ERDNASE




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