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First and foremost, we would like to thank Dale Harney for agreeing to work with us on this authorized exhibition of his work. It was a delight and joy to revisit this wonderful era with such a knowledgeable guide.

Second, we thank the contributors of the actual clips. The Magic Palace was recorded in a time when videotape was so expensive that studios would frequently reuse tapes for other programming. Thankfully, however, individual episodes were preserved by magic enthusiasts, recorded from TV, using the earliest VHS, and yes, Betamax machines. Allan Slaight, whose lifelong passion for magic was well known to the executives at Global Television, was sent compilations of many episodes on VHS. Additional episodes reached us through David Sutherland and Gerry Frennette, as well as the late Sid Lorraine and P. Howard Lyons (the latter two now part of the David Ben Collection). Most recently, we discovered new and well-preserved clips from Larry Thornton from Western Canada who reached out to share his wonderful cache with us for this exhibition. It is thanks to their love of magic that this material is available now to share.

Third, we would also like to thank James Alan, Julie Eng, Barnaby Marshall, Ellise Ramos and Monty Abramczyk  who spent countless hours adapting the recordings for the current medium.

And finally, we thank the Slaight Family Foundation for not only making the digital (web) architecture available to us in order to provide this searchable database of video clips, but for also making this entire exhibition possible.