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Trevor Lewis

This performance was recorded by Larry Thornton in San Francisco.

It includes an off-beat approach to cutting the aces involving dice, "Les Cartes Diaconis" — a version of the The General Card found in Dai Vernon's Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic, a Ace Assembly with a surprise ending and a demonstration of Dice Stacking.

Ernie Bryan Card Magic

This clip of Ernie Bryan was recorded by Larry Thornton in Spokane, WA.

This combination of card magic and gambling demonstrations includes the “Dai Vernon Poker Demonstration” from The Dai Vernon Book of Magic.


May 2020: Our thanks to Mr. Bryan’s great-grandniece Jenifer Bryan for the name correction.

Rick Johnsson Flipped His Lid

Rick Johnsson performs close-up magic, recorded by Larry Thornton in Portland, OR in 1980. He is assisted at the table by a young Daryl Easton.

This verison of the "Afghan Bands" (also known as the "Moebius Bands") incorporating zippers was marketed by Ed Eckle as "Möbi-Zip" in 1977. (Via MagicPedia). 

The appearance of nested lids appeared as "Look! E's Flipped His Lid---" in his column "Come A Little Closer" in the January, 1977 issue of The Linking Ring


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