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There they are—ten crates weighing nearly 4,500 lbs (over 2,000 kg)—arriving in Toronto.

Starting the journey from Azusa, California, the McIlhany Film Archive travelled over 2,500 miles (4,025 km) to its new home in Toronto.

It took a crew of six of us to receive, unpack and restack—but we did it. And lucky for us, the sun came out, too.

It’s important to point out, those storage shelves were empty before this staggering quantity of moving pictures showed up. Now they hold over 250 reels of 16mm film, nearly 100 reels of 8mm film, and over 75 cartons of videotape—not to mention all the 35 mm and audio tapes that also make up the lot.

It’ll take a while, but we’re rolling up our sleeves and diving into the treasure trove now.

Stay tuned to The Screening Room to find out what surfaces!


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