Bored Magician 3.16.2017

March 16, 2017

Derek Delgaudio in the New York Times

Jonah Weiner | New York Times

"DelGaudio, who is 32, has lived in Los Angeles since his 20s. A few years ago, Disney charged him with brainstorming magic-based attractions for its theme parks. He also worked as a consultant on Christopher Nolan’s magic-focused film, “The Prestige,” and, for one stage show, as an assistant to the masterful Ricky Jay, who turned his own prodigious gifts for banter and prestidigitation — not to mention an encyclopedic knowledge of magic history — into a run of hit shows and beloved books. Jay gave magic a newfound degree of artistic respectability, a feat that DelGaudio wants to achieve, too, in his own way. His admirers have come to include magicians’ magicians, like Eric Mead and Michael Weber, a mentor and business partner of Jay’s who told me, “When it comes to a deck of playing cards, I’d put Derek up against almost anyone.”"

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Magical Thinking in the New Yorker

Reading is often the best cure for begin a #BoredMagician. The New Yorker has assembled some of its pieces related to magic and magicians. According to David Remnick:

Magic is alluring twice over. Watching a great trick, you think, How did they do that? Then—if you’re a certain kind of person—you wonder, Could I do it, too? The thrill of mystery meets the promise of mastery. This week, we bring you stories about magicians, their craft, and their fans. 

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