David Ben & Dai Vernon at FISM 2022

Never to be repeated! This July. Quebec City.
February 28, 2022

David Ben, renowned Canadian magician, author and magic historian, will be presenting a one-time only presentation on the most influential magician of the twentieth century: Dai Vernon. This special program will be revealed at FISM, World Championship of Magic July 25-30 in Quebec.

David Ben is the recognized authority on the life and magic of Dai Vernon and in this unique lecture at FISM David will showcase through words, images and performance footage why Vernon was, as Max Maven has described, like James Joyce—a person who comes along once a century and changes… everything. 

Magicana’s artistic director David Ben is the sole protégé of Ross Bertram, one of the original members of the Stars of Magic. David is also the co-founder of Magicana, the author of several books, including Dai Vernon: Artist, Magician, Museand associate producer and magic consultant on the Daniel Zuckerbrot film Dai Vernon: The Spirit of Magic


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