The Death Camp Magicians

September 25, 2015

A shocking tale of surviving the notorious Nazi Regime and how magic made a difference in two lives as they journeyed from darkness into light.

By William V. Rauscher in collaboration with Werner Reich

Readers of this book must prepare themselves for a journey to the dark side of human behavior. Through these pages the reader will be transported back to the Nazi world during the years when the Third Reich truly believed their leaders would rule the world.  They even chose a new name for this "new world." They called it Germania.

Central to this inside world of unspeakable atrocities are two men who experienced the hell of Concentration camps, and survived to tell others what it was like to be under the evil control of Adolf Hitler and the S.S. Along with millions of others, these two men lived through the utter despair of years in the death camps of Europe under Nazi control.

At that time Herbert Levin, one of these two, was known as The Great Nivelli. Prior to the Nazi control, Levin was a prominent performer in Berlin, and the youngest member of the Berlin Stock Exchange. In an effort to escape, Levin moved to Prague, Czechoslovakia until the Nazi regime once again gained control. He and his family were arrested and sent to Auschwitz.  But he survived, and came to the United States to once again perform in this country until his death in 1977. William V. Rauscher saw him perform, became acquainted with him, and periodically corresponded with him and his wife Lotte until Levin's death in 1977. 

Werner Reich was a young boy when he entered Auschwitz. He was also a survivor, and while in the camp learned card tricks from Nivelli. Reich was liberated when he was 17 years old - at that time he weighed 60 pounds. 

This book is an appeal to the readers' best instincts by showing humanities most base instincts.  It portrays the strength of the will to survive in the midst of cruelty that passes all understanding. 

Published by David Haversat's 1878 Press Co

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