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International Rising Star 2020

Continuing to celebrate emerging talent, today we are recognizing a young magician from Costa Rica who has made a tremendous difference with his dedication as a global citizen.

The Allan Slaight International Rising Star Award acknowledges outstanding work by an up-and-coming magician. It comes with a prize of $5,000 from the Slaight Family Foundation and an iPad to commemorate the occasion. Past recipients of this award are: Henry Vargas of Brazil, Jorge Blass of Spain, Edward Hilsum of Great Britain, Noah Levine of the United States, and Ding Yang of China.

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s International Rising Star is Diego Vargas of Costa Rica.

Diego’s commitment to bringing magic around the world to children who wouldn’t normally have access to it, in places like refugee camps, schools and hospitals in war-ravaged cities, is truly inspiring. He is also a young global leader seeking out social justice and uses his magic to create dialogue and change.

Meet this dynamic young performer, and this year’s International Rising Star, Diego Vargas.


Tomorrow, we will announce the Sharing Secrets award recipient. Check back and find out who will be named this year’s secret sharer



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International Rising Star


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