Jay Marshall Award Winner

July 7, 2015

Congratulations to this year's 31FN Jay Marshall Award winner!

At the 31 Faces North conference, it is a tradition to present the "Jay Marshall Award" on the last day. This award is presented to the participant who is voted by his or her peers as the individual who has contributed the most to the 31 Faces North weekend.

We heartily congratulate Mahdi Gilbert, a firs-timer to 31 Faces North, for being selected by the attendees as the most valuable contributor to the conference.

Mahdi charmed the group with his excellent presentation talking about his life in magic, his wonderful personality and excellent magic. Well done, Mahdi!

This is a great honour and Mahdi joins a long list of fine past winners including: Tommy Wonder (2003), Michael Close (2004), Billy McComb (2005), William Goodwin (2006), David Ben (2007), Jim Steinmeyer (2008), Michael Weber (2009), Steve Forte (2010), Allan Slaight (2013), and Johnny Thompson (2014).

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