Larcom Theatre

September 12, 2016

Here is an update on our last post from April about the sale of the Larcom Theatre from Rick Heath:

As of 11:00 am on Friday, September 9, the historic Larcom Theatre in Beverly, MA was official sold. The 1912 560-seat jewelbox that the Le Grand David company purchased in 1984 now is under a new ownership committed to keeping it as a vibrant performing arts venue.

The sale “officially” marks the end of 40 years for us in Beverly. In August 1976, we became the new owners of the 1920 Cabot Street Cinema Theatre. Hard to believe that on February 20, 1977, we took to the Cabot stage and began a run of 35 consecutive years that ended in May 2012, just two months after Cesareo’s death. As many already know, the Cabot was sold in October 2014 after a major auction of Le Grand David illusions, posters and memorabilia. In a similar fashion, after a final auction this April 10, the Larcom was offered for sale.

We are delighted, thanks to Bill Kalush, that a significant portion of the correspondence, historical material, photographs, etc. that we had amassed is now permanently housed at the Conjuring Arts Research Center in New York City. It will take some time, but it will be archived and digitally preserved for historians and researchers for generations to come.

…it makes me very happy to know that so many of our original posters, illusions and even backdrops are now in good hands and have good homes with magicians and collectors from coast to coast and beyond. And, we managed to save two irreplaceable “treasures” from the wrecking-ball and pass them on to owners who are dedicated to keeping them alive and well. It has been a good run, and I’m grateful it has all worked out so well.

Thank you to Rick Heath for this update and for sharing this journey with us.

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