Magical Magicol

June 18, 2015

Don't fall off your chairs, but yes, the next issue of Magicol No. 189 has made its way to the printers!

It's true. You are not hallucinating.

George Daily starts us off with a beautiful tribute to his (and our) dear friend, Jim Alfredson. George reminiscing about when he first met Jim, and the adventures the pair found themselves in during their long friendship. A great tribute to a great man.

Next up, Michael Claxton illustrates the immense number of collectibles for the one and only, Dell O'Dell. In his research for his biography, Don't Fool Yourself, Michael came across a great number of items and gives us just a sampling of what is (and is not) out there.

We then turn to Ian Keable who gives us some insight about Charles Dickens and Dickens' friendship with Cornelius Felton. Dickens met Felton in Boston during a trip to America, and first told Felton about taking up conjuring.

Peter Brunning  then gives us a slightly different kind of portrait on the great Charles Bertram, walking us through the trials and tribulations of Bertram's varied career (not just as a magician) and his finances.

Leo Behnke of Book Group in Las Vegas, submitted a lovely piece giving us a peek of a day in the life of a bookbinder. Talk about before and after! The repair pieces that Leo shares and talks about are very interesting and maybe of keen interest to collectors!

Michael Claxton kindly rushed to give us not only a wonderful convention review of the Yankee Gathering in New England last November, but also one of the recent Midwest Magic History Weekend in Marshall, Michigan. He has given us two separate recaps of these terrific events. Thank you Wayne Wissner for providing convention photos for us, too!

Finally to wrap up this issue, Bjorn Hanson submitted an interesting piece on "Fact Checking John Scarne's The Odds Against Me". The perfect end to this latest issue.

Now, with that all said, it's also important to mention this is the last issue for our current subscription and it is now time to renew! (And, we will post more news on that, too, soon!)

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