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Magicol 191 is at the printers!

The latest issue of Magicol, No. 191, with a feature on Dale Harney, is on its way to the printers! Here is a preview of what's inside:

Dale Harney is a Canadian illusionist who is best known for his role on the Canadian television series, The Magic Palace. The show began in 1979 and featured great magic and magicians on an unprecedented scale. While the original episode recordings were lost—for reasons explained inside No. 191—David Ben discovered a number of episodes preserved on VHS in the collections of Allan Slaight, P. Howard Lyons and Sid Lorraine. He was able to locate Dale Harney, still actively involved in television and theatre (with behind-the-scenes roles) and we are pleased to present this profile to our subscribers.

To go along with this issue of Magicol, we are making Dale's work on The Magic Palace the focus of a new free online exhibition. With Dale's encouragement, all of the footage we have been able to gather will be digitized and shared online. We will release the exhibition soon, so stay tuned. There is a teaser clip for you to see here: www.magicana.com/magicpalace.

This issue also launches a new work by Leo Benhke, Magic and Literature, which will be serialized in the next several issues. The manuscript is divided into twelve chapters, the first two of which are featured in in this issue. We also have George Daily on a rare collectible associated with Horace Goldin, Michael Claxton's review of the Los Angeles Conference on Magic History and Gabe Fajuri's remembrance of Dan Waldron.

You will also find information and a registration form for the Magic Collectors Weekend 2017!

So many nice things in this next issue and we hope you enjoy!

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