No. 193 - Coming Soon

April 7, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the next issue of Magicol—No. 193—will be in the mail this week!

This issue—which completes our current subscription—is bigger than usual and chock-full with an eclectic collection of articles. John Lovick starts us off with a confession on how he amassed his immense Penn & Teller collection. Next, Andrew Pinard introduces us to Jonathan Harrington, an early American magician. Peter Brunning then offers new insight on his research into the life and career of trailblazing magicienne Mademoiselle Patrice. Next, Leo Behnke provides three more chapters from his series, “Magic and Literature: Connecting with the World of Books.” From there, we catch up on a couple of magic history conventions: The 44th Magic Collectors Weekend in Montreal, and The Seventh European Magic History Conference in Turin. We conclude this issue with a fun and charming excerpt from The Colophon: A Book Collectors Quarterly, Part Five, which was originally published in 1931.

And yes… since this is the last issue of the current subscription, we are now calling for renewals. While the price of the new subscription remains the same, we have changed the production schedule to offer two issues per subscription. This change will help us to manage the rapidly rising production and mailing costs, and will allow us to make future issues substantive in size and content.      

Renewal forms are in the next issue. You can also renew online here:


Or, if you prefer, DOWNLOAD the renewal form and send it in with your check or international money order (made payable to MAGICANA) to either:

Magicana | CANADA
17 Madison Avenue, Toronto ON, M5R 2S2, CANADA

Magicana | USA
PO Box 29368, Philadelphia, PA, 19125-0368 USA

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for article submission, please contact us at



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