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A Picture's Worth

A collaboration between artist Dan Frederickson and Dan and Dave Buck has produced one of the most unique ways to study The Expert at the Card Table.
This new print which is rendered on the back of an uncut sheet of playing cards, twists the complete original text into a reproduction of an iconic photo of Dai Vernon. (The photo was actually taken by Canadian Ross Bertram, who is featured in a Magicana online exhibition and in the original Stars of Magic series.)
"The perfect combination of art and artifice. Dan Frederickson's rendering of Ross Bertram's beautiful image of Vernon — using the text of The Expert at the Card Table — should inspire card aficionados and collectors alike."
-David Ben
The print also comes with a commemorative signed and numbered deck of cards. The entire project was produced in a signed and numbered edition of 500 copies, and can be purchased here: DanAndDave.com.
And, it is a unique version of the EATCT so we have also updated our online exhibition, Everything Erdnase, to include this modern variant. 
A picture really is worth a thousand words. For those who are passionate about Vernon and Erdnase, this is a must have collectible (and, hint hint maybe a great holiday gift idea!)

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