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Principles of Deception

California, here I come!

Shortly after the Los Angeles Conference on Magic History – actually the next morning – I will be presenting Principles of Deception, my first and, certainly for now, only lecture in California. I will be the opening presenter of a trio of magicians – David Kaye and Dave & Dan Buck (okay, that’s four of us) for A Day of Lectures 2015 on Nov 8 starting at 10 am, presented by Brent Geris of The Magic Apple.

I have not had a set lecture since The Fringe in 1985, and aside from a few one-off presentations here and there, I really don’t lecture very much. Having accepted Brent’s invitation, however, I have spent some time putting together a program of material that can be performed up close or in a parlour setting, and will use cards, wine glasses, table knives, cigarette papers and coins – well, at least one coin. 

Hopefully, the material will work on a variety of levels. First, it will be a performance. Second, I will explain all the sleight-of-hand and technical touches I employ in each routine – save one. And finally, I will illustrate concepts that I believe everyone can use to make their magic better. As this is a one-off appearance, there will be no lecture notes. (But, you are welcome to two free downloads from Magicana which are available now.)

All of the work is from my active repertoire, and was developed from, among others, the work of Vernon, Bertram, Miller, Lorraine, and from my forty years performing magic. 

It should be fun. I’m told that #ADOL is filling up fast so don’t delay and register at www.adayoflectures.com


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