The Spirit of Magic at FISM

Dai Vernon Booklet
July 20, 2022

Thanks to the support from the wonderful folks at Reginald Scot Books, Magicana will be in the Dealer’s Room at FISM from July 25 to 30.

Stop by and say hello! Come and ask us what sharing wonder is all about!

If you want the long version of this answer, then we invite you to catch our executive director, Julie Eng, at her FISM presentation on Wednesday July 27 at 12 noon, or on Saturday July 30 at 2pm, where she will share, in great detail, the many facets of Magicana.

Also at FISM, our artistic director, David Ben, will be giving a one-time only presentation on Tuesday July 26 at 10:30 pm on the most influential magician of the twentieth century: Dai Vernon. David is the recognized authority on the life and magic of Vernon. David’s lecture will showcase why Vernon was so special, and how his unique influence has become Vernon’s legacy.

For the FISM Vernon presentation, Magicana has published a special booklet, called Dai Vernon: The Spirit of Magic, written by David Ben, along with other contributors. This collection of essays and notes will not only give you insight to why Vernon was so influential, but you will also see how those connections left an imprint throughout (and post) Vernon’s life.

You can read Vernon himself, in a reprint of his Illustrated Resumé (lecture notes) from 1947. And to go with, explore what it was like to actually sit in Vernon’s lecture in 1947, 1952 and 1976, through the eyes of astute audience members: Ernest Shattock, P. Howard Lyons and Dr. Gene Matsuura. Within those notes, you will find tremendous detail, subtly and nuance—all the hallmarks that make up the Vernon Touch.

Heavily illustrated with Vernon ephemera from David Ben’s collection, jam-packed with history and magic, this 120-page booklet is a must for anyone who is curious or serious about Vernon.

And they will be available at our Dealer’s Booth at FISM, starting Monday July 25. David Ben will also be available for signing at our booth (times to be announced) on the following Tuesday and Wednesday.

We will have a limited supply of the Vernon booklets, so make sure to come on by early to get your copy!


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