By A Thread

March 9, 2020

Janet Dey is a visual artist—a fibre artist—who’s current art exhibition in Toronto includes photographs of magicians of yesteryear that are adorned with her distinctive treatment.

Janet’s work is unusual and arresting. She explores matters of the mind, of time, and of human invention and portrays her interpretations through various media. Her lifelong study has focused on the figure, through photography, painting, sculpture, drawing and fibre arts. Now she strikes up “conversations” with magicians of a past time to discover what additional secrets may lie behind their mysterious portraits.

Her work will be on exhibition at the Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto until March 14.

Magicians featured in the exhibition series include Alexander Herrmann, Harry Kellar, Howard Thurston, Harry Houdini, Robert Gysel, Harry Blackstone, Sr., Dante, Dai Vernon, Paul Fox, Charlie Miller, Stewart James, Dell O’Dell, and Albert Goshman. Group images include the Peking Mysteries Troupe (with Han Ping-Chien), Tanaka and Company (with K.T. Kuma), the The Phantom of the Card Table (with Walter Scott, T. Nelson Downs, Cardini and others) and Emil Jarrow at the Parent Assembly (with Jean Hugard, Al Baker and others.)

More information about Janet Dey and her work can be found HERE.

All images featured in this post are by Janet Dey and courtesy of the Stephen Bulger Gallery.



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