A Time to Stand and Act Together

June 4, 2020

It has been a shocking time. A sad time. An enraging time. A galvanizing time.

Magicana joins citizens and arts organizations around the globe in taking a stand against racism, oppression and violence. Against hatred and injustice. Black lives matter.

It has been said that magic is a universal language. Is it? Can we use magic to leverage knowledge, to foster inclusivity, to build relationships, to bring about real transformation?

We, as an organization, have always reached for these elusive goals. We also realize that that reach has limits. We see some of the positive changes, but now is a time to recommit, and to intensify our focus on these worthy goals. Change only comes with relentless, disciplined action, with education—and often, with difficult and uncomfortable effort. We pledge to continue to learn, to foster, and to build. And to build with inclusivity.

We invite you to join us on this journey. As a community, we can take down barriers, and find ways to rebuild anew, with the hope of making our world better, and more equal. Together. 

There has been no more poignant moment in time to say it: Without you—without all of you—there is no magic.

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