Vernon Booklet Now Available!

FISM 2022 Special Presentation Booklet
August 3, 2022

Here it is! A special publication on legendary master, Dai Vernon. This booklet was created for David Ben’s FISM 2022 historical talk on what made Vernon so special. 

This richly illustrated, perfect bound booklet of 120 pages is all things Vernon; it looks specifically at Vernon’s legacy of influence on the world of magic. In four essays, David Ben describes why Dai Vernon is the most influential magician, ever. David goes on to distinguish influence from fame, and also maps out magic star connections that make up the “Constellations of Magic” clustered around the mega star, Vernon.

What would Vernon talk about in these lectures? Drawing from his personal collection of notes and ephemera, David Ben shares the historical trail of Vernon’s famous lecture tours, and sets up the second half of the publication: the notes. Yes, in addition to the discussion essays, there is hands-on magic, too. In fact, from Vernon himself, in the form of his Illustrated Resumé (Lecture Notes) from 1947. 

Find out what it was like to be in the room with Vernon as he lectured in 1947, 1952 and 1976 from the incredibly detailed notations taken from the notebooks of three attendees who sat in those very lectures: Ernest Shattock who attended the lecture in Boston in 1947; P. Howard Lyons in Toronto in 1952; and Dr. Gene Matsuura in Sacramento in 1976. Discover the big and small changes that are made over the decades—and you may be surprised by nuances revealed in the notes, too.

This booklet was produced as part of a special presentation by David Ben at FISM 2022 in Quebec. 



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