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The Magic Palace

The Magic Palace was a Canadian television series, produced and hosted by Dale Harney, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, which was an inspiration for a generation of magicians. In an age before YouTube and the Internet, the show gave viewers a broad sampling of magic acts from North America and Europe in an unprecedented scale. You can learn more about the show’s history froman article David Ben wrote in 2016 for Magicol No. 191.

Like all great variety shows, The Magic Palace’s ninety-six episodes had something for everyone. In addition to the magic he performed on each episode, Dale Harney also invited guests from around the world to showcase their famous magic routines. From close up magic to grand illusions, Dale and his production team also sought out legends of magic and new-up-and-coming stars—who later become legends of magic!

This playlist only features a few of the hundreds of clips in The Magic Palace Collection. So if you liked what you found here, be sure to explore the entire collection!