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Welcome to the debut of Take Two! Every Friday, Jamy Ian Swiss will be posting a pair of magic performance videos, accompanied by commentary. Here is the first post which looks at the Torn & Restored Cigarette Paper.

Submitted Fri, 10/28/2016

Dale Harney performs the "Card Stab" on The Magic Palace. 

The "Card Stab" is a classic of modern magic with several variations on the theme which involve locating someone's chosen card either at the point of the knife, usually blindfolded as explained by S.W. Erdnase and Dai Vernon (on the magic of Max Malini), or by inserting the knife into the deck immediately next to the selection. Here Dale has a card removed from the pack, its identity unknown and inserts the knife next to the mate of the chosen card. This handling is Al Koran's "Encore Card Stab"

Submitted Tue, 03/15/2016

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