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René Lavand Slow Motion Card Magic

René Lavand, a magician from Argentina who lost his right arm at a young age in an accident presents card magic in his signature style of "Lentidigitation" — sleight of hand performed in slow motion. This performance is an extended routine, repeatedly locating a chosen card.

Chantatachán was a program produced for Telemadrid in 1992-93. We would like to thank Juan Tamariz and Luis Piedrahita for making this content available.

Martin Nash The Charming Cheat

Recorded in Calgary, Alberta by Larry Thornton. Martin Nash performs material from his first two books, Ever So Sleightly and Any Second Now by Stephe Minch, including "Kings Incognito" (based on "Triumph"), "Palm Unseen" (a version of the "Open Travellers"), "Down the Garden Path", "Free Cut Faro Sandwich", and "Limited Ambitions" (based on Larry Jennings' "Ambitious Classic").


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