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Magicol No. 199

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A Celestial Celebration

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Dell O'Dell

Moments in a
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The Definitive Set

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A Tribute to Women in Magic
Join Michael Claxton in this updated “A to Z” series celebrating women in magic. Not only showcasing the great breadth and range of female magicians through the ages, Michael also shares his comprehensive bibliography, revealing thirty-five years of research.
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The Screening Room

September 14, 2023
This magical couple married in 1931 and spent three decades working together onstage and off. Here they are in home movies that is shot by each other, as they enjoy some laughs with friends.
September 14, 2023

Charlie Carrer (1898-1971) was an international sensation. As a child he suffered from poor eyesight and juggling was the perfect exercise to improve his vision… and to build a career as a gentleman juggler.

July 24, 2023
Dell presenting her signature version of the Nest of Boxes. Even though a silent clip, you can see her strength of personality and also, her physical strength. Those boxes were heavy!
July 24, 2023
Dell is performing “Fresh Fish” in the early Forties. Invented by magician Arnold Furst, the torn-and-restored paper effect starts with a sign that reads “Fresh Fish Sold Here Today.” 

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