Charlie Carrer (1898-1971) was an international sensation. As a child he suffered from poor eyesight and juggling was the perfect exercise to improve his vision… and to build a career as a gentleman juggler.

In this compilation of clips, Charlie demonstrates his world-class skill, opening with a champagne juggling trick, balancing the bottle on the edge of a dinner plate. We also see his famous Wine Tray trick where he pours wine into glasses lined up on his serving tray and he proceeds to flip the whole tray in a 360-degree turn. You will also see a closer cut of the whole affair. There is also a clip of his lightning-fast spinning presentation of the classic Diablo juggling feat; and he effortlessly rolls diner plates on edge up and around his arms.

He met his wife, Dell O’Dell on tour in America in 1930 and the pair married shortly thereafter. It was a partnership that lasted over thirty years.

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