about us

Sharing Wonder


Magicana is an arts organization dedicated to the exploration
and advancement of magic as a performing art.


Since 2000, Magicana has been steadily building a body of work to meet our mandate of forwarding the art of magic.

We reach directly into the community with our local outreach programs for both children and senior populations. We produce theatrical shows and presentations that raise the public’s awareness and appreciation of magic as an art. We stage a variety of conferences, seminars and workshops on magic and its history.

We also publish books and journals on magic. We curate and host online exhibitions about great magicians, their history and their contributions to the art, and we host and maintain an enormous archive of magic videos in The Screening Room

We are also the administrative body for the Allan Slaight Awards, which celebrates exceptional achievements in magic by individuals and organizations across the globe.

None of this would be possible without the unending support of the Slaight family and, especially, Allan Slaight and his son Gary Slaight. Both have been great champions of Magicana and we are so grateful for their confidence in our efforts in sharing wonder.