The Allan Slaight Awards are distributed over five distinct categories: Sharing Wonder (Live or Digital), Sharing Secrets, International Rising Star, Canadian Rising Star, and Lifetime Achievement, and come with cash prizes totalling $50,000 (per year):

Lifetime Achievement             $15,000
Sharing Wonder                        $15,000
Sharing Secrets                          $10,000
International Rising Star          $ 5,000
Canadian Rising Star                 $ 5,000

past recipients

The Lifetime Achievement category will recognize a person, company or organization that has demonstrated a commitment to advancing magic as a performing art, and made major contributions to that goal throughout their or its lifetime.

The Sharing Wonder category will recognize the most innovative performance of magic over the past year, either in live performance or a digital medium. The goal is to recognize exceptional performances, by exceptional artists.

Sharing Secrets will recognize the most exceptional creative, innovative or well-presented (live, in print, or digital) works that advance the study of magic as a performing art. The focus will be on the techniques that magicians use or can use to advance the work.  Works related to the history of magic and its practitioners will also be considered in this category.

The International Rising Star award will recognize emerging talent, while a separate award will be given to an emerging Canadian talent.

Who's eligible?

The word “magic” includes ancillary subjects such as illusions, mentalism and sleight-of-hand, and any other branch that can be considered to fall under the broad rubric of magic.

The Allan Slaight Awards are international in scope. Magicana accepts submissions from performers, creators, writers, designers, and anyone else with an interest in magic, wherever they reside or perform. One can submit his or her own work for consideration, or the work of any other individual or organization.

Nominations are currently being accepted for work completed in 2018. The deadline for nominations is March 29, 2019. Nominations received after the deadline will be kept on file and considered for the following year.