Senior Sorcery

Will it work for our centre?

“We had a performance at our Wednesday Evening dinner. The Seniors come to our Program from around the neighbourhood. Everyone had a fantastic time! I was really impressed by Julie’s rapport with the audience.”

—Susan Dowling
Neighbourhood Link Support Services


“It was a great hit and our residents loved the performance! We would be thrilled to book again…”

—Rachel Cuschieri
Sunrise Erin Mills


“Thank you for such an entertaining afternoon! The residents were thrilled! They cannot stop talking about the show. We definitely would like to have you come back.”

—Erin Dunn
The Claremont Retirement Residence


“Thank you once again for your absolutely delightful performance yesterday. I’m still laughing at some of your repartee, and perplexed by your sleight of hand.  Your interaction with the audience was masterful and certainly made us feel like part of the act.  I would recommend you without reservation for a small or large group event.”

—Carol Spratt
Kingsway Women’s Group


“Your Senior Sorcery performances are a wonderful addition to our programming. The mix of strolling and parlour magic was highly engaging and interactive for our residents. You gave them a lot of laughs and they sure had a great time. Our residents remember your performances and always look forward to your return. We offer our sincere thanks for coming to share magic with our group.”

— Karen Megson-Dowling
Sunnybrook Health Sciences


“We want to thank you for the fantastic mastermind act that you performed for the“Caring Hands” clients. Your show far exceeded our expectations and we will certainly call you again to entertain our friends and family. Not only was your show entertaining, but you have a wonderful and energetic personality which was well-received by all. We have all been talking about your act since [your performance]. Each conversation seems to end with … ‘How’d she do that?’ Thanks again for everything!!!”

— Lisa Conte
Hospice Vaughn

“I’ve never seen the residents so enthralled!! Excellent interaction with residents!Residents were extremely attentive…Julie is charming, and presents her magic in a very clear and interesting way (but I can’t figure out any of the tricks!)”

— Margaret Smuk
Kipling Acres


“The entertainer had good interaction, rapport with residents and clients… a lively attitude from entertainer! Residents [and clients] stayed focused and responded lively when she ended! We would recommend this entertainer!”

— Sergio P.
Malton Village


“Lots of smiles and laughter… and [the show] we made it to the front page of our local newspaper.”

— Silvana Valentone
Humber Community Seniors’ Services Inc.

“Thanks so much for working with us on our Halloween Luncheon. James Alan was a great magician and performer. Our seniors enjoyed his show very much and commented on how well spoken and how well his presentation was. He was the highlight of a very successful luncheon and so I thank you for working with us and making sure that this luncheon went on with a happy entertaining note. Thank you so much and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

— Jeff Thomas
Don Montgomery Community Recreation Center