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And... it's a wrap!

What a year of magic!

As always, we are delighted to have the happy job of announcing the Allan Slaight Awards, and celebrating extraordinary talents in the art of magic.

Once again, we congratulate this year’s recipients: Carisa Hendrix, Ding Yang, Richard Kaufman, Steve Cohen, and Juan Tamariz. Your work inspires all of us!

We would also like to acknowledge and thank Allan and Gary Slaight and the Slaight Family Foundation for creating these awards. Over the past five years, the foundation has given away an astounding $250,000 to twenty-five recipients. By singling out exceptional artists and their contributions in this unique way, the Allan Slaight Awards raise the profile of magic to general audiences and inspire magicians around the globe to strive even further to forward this wondrous art.

So if you see an outstanding pursuit of the impossible, send in a nomination for next year’s awards.

Thank you for joining us in sharing wonder!


2019 Allan Slaight Awards

Canadian Rising Star

International Rising Star

Sharing Secrets

Sharing Wonder

Lifetime Achievement


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