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Bored Magician 04.08.2016

'Buddha' takes on bullies in magic-infused drama


Penned by veteran Chicago actor Patrick New and starring juggler, magician, actor, David Kovac, the quasi-autobiographical show at the Oak Brook Theatre combines the Eastern philosophy Kovac was raised in and the magic he's been honing since childhood.



Borrowed Time | Spoiler alert!

Margaret Gray | LA Times

"Borrowed Time" takes place at a secret address, which is emailed to ticket holders on the day of the performance. The location looks unprepossessing, but like a speakeasy or an ancient tomb, it reveals trick doors and secret passages. One of its anterooms turns the audience into shameless treasure-seekers, ransacking drawers and cupboards for clues. It's too thrilling not to recount in detail afterward -- except that not knowing the details is part of the thrill.


Own a Piece of Houdini


This Saturday, April 9, one of the largest auctions of Houdini memorabilia ever held will take place in Chicago, held by Potter & Potter Auctions. Why so fabulous? No matter whether you are wealthy or not, you will likely be able to purchase something touched in some way by Harry Houdini, the world’s greatest escape artist and icon of the 20th century, in this auction.


Bored Magician

Are you a bored magician? Visit some of our online exhibitions, including over thirty hours of magic performances from The Magic Palace.

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