It has been quite a journey, not just creating a new work for the stage, but also writing about it in blogs and social media.

I have always been somewhat of a recluse, ironic for someone purportedly in show business. I prefer, however, to regard every project that I am involved with be it a stage show, a book, a short film – or upcoming soon, a graphic novel – as purely a snapshot of a particular point in time in the evolution of our work.

So, Card Table Artifice is a snapshot of a moment in time and, it is one that I doubt will be repeated, at least in this form, anytime soon.

The opportunity for me to work with – and for you to see – Gavin Bryars on stage, with the Art of Time Ensemble, with live narration by RH Thomson, me shuffling cards, supported by a video wall of images by Julie Eng and live video feed manipulated by video artist Cam Davis, on a set and stage lit by Glenn Davidson, of the world premiere of a new work – is something that is extremely rare.

It can only happen at Luminato because of the invitation of Jorn Weisbrodt, and because of the support of numerous festival sponsors and in particular, for this program, the support of Allan Slaight, Gary Slaight, and Emmanuelle Gattuso. This all unfolds on Friday the 13th – my luck day. And the 14th too!


David Ben

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