International Rising Star 2022

June 21, 2022

Today, we continue the celebration around emerging talent in magic.

The Allan Slaight International Rising Star Award acknowledges outstanding work by an up-and-coming magician and comes with a prize of $5,000 from the Slaight Family Foundation—and it also includes an engraved iPad to commemorate the occasion.

Past recipients of this award are: Henry Vargas of Brazil, Jorge Blass of Spain, Edward Hilsum of Great Britain, Noah Levine of the United States, Ding Yang of China, Diego Vargas of Costa Rica, and Billy Kidd of Great Britain. This growing list of international magic stars showcase the exciting development and dynamic evolution of today’s magic community.

And, it is a great joy to introduce MIKAYLA OZ of the United States to the constellation.

Meet this wonderful magicain who never stops trying to better herself and those around her. Her love and passion for sharing, for magic, and for her community also make Mikayla Oz a true rising star.


Com’on back tomorrow! On Wednesday, we will introduce you to the first of TWO—yes two $10,000 awards are being given for this category this year—Sharing Secrets Award recipients. See you then!



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International Rising Star



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