No. 195 Coming Soon

January 21, 2020

Don’t fall out of your chairs. You read that correctly. The next issue of Magicol, No. 195, is at the printers and coming to you soon.

And what an issue it is. It starts off with a piece by Lance Rich, who takes a brief look at the history of American nightclubs, and then provides a wonderful profile about the woman who discovered stars—Merriel Abbott.

Next, David Ben brings us through his personal journey (read: obsession) to figure out Downs’ Masterpiece. His adventure follows a winding path with many memorable turns along the way—and, as it turns out, the solution only springs forth more questions. 

We then meet Janet Dey, a fiber artist. (Don’t worry: all is explained in the article.) Through a chance encounter with magic and magicians, she reveals, in this interview with David Ben, some of her interesting insights as an artist who adorns photographs of magicians of yesteryear with a distinctive treatment.

Ken Trombly gives us a peek at some of his more obscure acquisitions in the next article, which is based on a that talk he gave at the Magic Collectors Expo in Minneapolis in June 2019. It’s amazing how he keeps finding treasures for us to behold.

But wait there’s more!

Ever wonder how lithographic artists created the exquisite magic posters that we love? If you think about it, lithographic posters were “pulled” from a reversed image—meaning artists had to create their designs backward, including all lettering. Was there a trick to it? David Ben thinks so, and he reveals his discovery in his “Game-Changer” article.

We end the issue with two tours: the first is a whirlwind trip through Vienna as Steve Beam recaps the unbelievably jam-packed, four-day European Magic History Conference, which was held in August 2019. The second is a tour of the DeMoulin Museum in Greenville, Illinois, where new contributor, Tom Varner, walks us through what is also known as “The Goat Factory,” —which has got to be one of the oddest collection of pranking contraptions for fraternity and lodge initiation ceremonies. Unique is an understatement.

And, some more news...

No. 195 closes out this subscription series, and this will also be the last issue to be offered by subscription. Let us assure you that we will continue to produce Magicol. But instead of taking money in advance, we will put issues together first, and then let you know, via email and this news page, when they are ready for shipping, so you can order a copy.

In the meantime, we have some new projects in the works that we are anxious to share with you. Please check back here frequently for news and updates. 

We hope you enjoy this next issue!



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