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Sharing Wonder 2020

Ah, today is a wonder-full day, indeed! We are thrilled to reveal the Allan Slaight Sharing Wonder Award recipient.

This award recognizes an outstanding performance of magic by an exceptional artist. It comes with a prize of $15,000, and an engraved iPad to commemorate the occasion—both of which are generously provided by the Slaight Family Foundation.

You sensed it already? Yes, you have it! It’s world-renowned mindreader, DERREN BROWN. He joins a star-studded list of past winners including Penn & Teller, Darcy Oake, Derek DelGaudio, Michael Carbonaro and Steve Cohen.

For two decades, Derren has produced wide-ranging programming that has explored many intriguing areas of human behavior, from mind control to psychological experiments. Since 2003, he has produced ten theatrical shows that have played in London’s West End, and toured throughout the UK and Ireland. Most recently, Derren made his Broadway debut with his show Secret, which ran for fifteen weeks at the Cort Theatre in New York City.

Learn more about this extraordinary artist who has made a lasting contribution to the art of sharing wonder.


Tomorrow, we will round off this very exciting week of celebrating the pursuit of the impossible by revealing this year’s Lifetime Achievement recipient. We will recognize an individual who has made an astounding contribution to the study and appreciation of magic, and has elevated the art in every possible way. Check back on Friday to find out who will be this year’s recipient.



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